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The "Planning and Development Study on North West New Territories" (the NWNT Study), which was completed in 2003, identified Hung Shui Kiu (HSK) as suitable for new development area (NDA) purpose to cater for long-term development need in Hong Kong. With a site area of about 450 ha, the HSK NDA was proposed to be developed as a 'gateway town' to accommodate a population of 160,000 and to provide 48,000 jobs upon full development. These proposals were subsequently shelved upon the completion of the NWNT Study because of an anticipated slower population growth at that time.
Afterwards, the "Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy" has revisited the need for NDAs in the New Territories and recommended proceeding with the NDA developments to address the long-term housing demand and provide employment opportunities. The Chief Executive then announced in his 2007-2008 Policy Address the planning for the HSK NDA and the North East New Territories NDAs as one of the ten major infrastructure projects for economic growth.
To initiate the implementation of the NDA, the HSK NDA Planning and Engineering Study (HSK NDA Study) commenced in late August 2011. Given the changes in planning circumstances subsequent to the completion of the NWNT Study, the HSK NDA Study will review and formulate land development proposals for the NDA, taking into account all relevant factors comprising land requirements for public and private housing, commerce and industries particularly the six industries where Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages; and the rising public aspiration for a better quality living environment with low carbon living.


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