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We plan to make Hong Kong an international city of world prominence



We make Hong Kong a better place to live and work in

To achieve our mission, we seek to promote, working in partnership with our community, sustainable development to achieve a vibrant economy, a quality environment and social progress both now and in the future.

We are committed to :

  • formulating sustainable development strategies and plans

  • guiding the use and development of land

  • facilitating suitable development and redevelopment

  • encouraging community involvement and support



Proactive and Facilitating

taking the initiative to facilitate the implementation of 

suitable development and redevelopment projects

Open and Accountable

encouraging the community to be involved in the planning process 

and being accountable to the community

Professional and Visionary

acting creatively to find immediate and long term solutions as we do 

our work competently, ethically, objectively and fairly for the people we serve

Effective and Efficient

providing planning systems and frameworks that are user friendly and 

enable development that will benefit the community to proceed expeditiously

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