Fight against the Epidemic

Fight against the Epidemic

The Planning Department spares no efforts to fight against the latest epidemic and has deployed staff members to participate in various anti-epidemic works, which included participating in Restriction-testing Declaration (RTD) operations, assisting in tracing contacts of COVID-19 cases, enforcement action on compulsory testing notice at the building and raising fund to purchase anti-epidemic materials for the needy persons. The Department joins hands with other government departments and the public to combat the fifth wave of the epidemic.

On August 29, the Department together with the Development Bureau, the Eastern Police District and the Department of Health conducted an enforcement operation at a building in Chai Wan, which was included in a compulsory testing notice earlier. (1-4) Pictures show that the staff members at the entrances/exits of the building verified the testing certifications of persons subject to compulsory testing so as to confirm whether they had undergone testing in compliance with the requirement of the compulsory testing notice, and issued compulsory testing orders to persons who had failed to comply with the compulsory testing notice, requiring them to undergo testing within a specified period.

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January - June 2022

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