Case Priorities

  • We will investigate all alleged unauthorized developments. However, in order to make the most effective use of limited resources, it is necessary to prioritize the cases for subsequent action according to the nature and implications of unauthorized developments as well as the concerned land use zonings.
  • High priority will be given to the following types of unauthorized developments:
  1. those within or in the proximity of ecologically sensitive and important areas as well as conservation zones (such as “Site of Special Scientific Interest”, “Coastal Protection Area”, “Conservation Area” and “Green Belt” zones, etc.).
  2. those involving filling of land / pond within "Agriculture" zone.
  3. those required for reinstatement and restoring greenery to create a deterrent effect against proliferation of unauthorized development to greenfields.
  4. those causing health/safety hazards to the public, involving great public interest, or causing adverse environmental nuisances to nearby large residential clusters
  5. those arising from revoked or lapsed planning approvals.
  • For those unauthorized developments not falling within the above high priority categories (e.g. unauthorized storage use, use for place for parking of vehicles, land filling and recreation use within development zones), enforcement action would only be taken subject to resources availability.




Case Priorities

I complain about an unauthorized development in close vicinity of my neighbourhood that causes serious environmental nuisance and pollutions. Will it be investigated and followed up as a high priority case?

  • If the unauthorized development falls within a conservation zone, or involves filling of land/pond in “Agriculture” zone, or causing health/ safety hazards to the public (involving great public interest), or causing adverse environmental nuisances to nearby large residential clusters, high priority will be accorded to handle the case. Otherwise, enforcement action will be taken subject to resources availability after handling high priority cases. For health and environmental concerns, we will also refer it to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Environmental Protection Department for necessary action under their jurisdiction.

What is the case priority for unauthorized uses on sites not in conservation zones but served with Reinstatement Notices?

  • Cases involving reinstatement and greenery restoration are in high priority regardless of its land use zoning.

Unauthorized parking of vehicles are observed in some village areas. Planning Department should take enforcement and prosecution actions as soon as possible.

  • Unauthorized use for place for parking of vehicles in “Village Type Development” zone or other development zones are not high priority cases. Enforcement action will only be taken subject to resource availability after handling high priority cases.
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