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Land Utilization in Hong Kong 2019

Approximate area (
  Private Residential (Note 1) 26
  Public Residential (Note 2) 17
  Rural Settlement (Note 3) 35
  Commercial/Business and Office 5
  Industrial Land 7
  Industrial Estates/Science and Technology Parks 3
  Warehouse and Open Storage 17
Institutional/Open Space
  Government, Institutional and Community Facilities 25
  Open Space and Recreation (Note 4) 28
  Roads and Transport Facilities 46
  Railways 4
  Airport 13
  Port Facilities 4
Other Urban or Built-up Land
  Cemeteries/Funeral Facilities 9
  Utilities 9
  Vacant Land/Construction in Progress 15
  Others 12
  Agricultural Land 50
  Fish Ponds/Gei Wais 16
  Woodland 276
  Shrubland 264
  Grassland 187
  Mangrove/Swamp (Note 5) 6
Barren Land
  Badland 2
  Rocky Shore 4
Water Bodies
  Reservoirs 25
  Streams and Nullahs 6
Total 1111


Land Area Analysis

The Land Utilization in Hong Kong (LUHK) is a broad-brush presentation of distribution of land uses in Hong Kong. The land use data was compiled using satellite images dated December 2019 (©AIRBUS DS (2019)), in-house survey information of the Planning Department up to end 2019 and other relevant information from various government departments. The area of land uses are approximated to the nearest square km. The data is not designed or intended for detailed analysis or calculation purposes. As definitions of some land use classes and methodology are updated from time to time, the figures this year may not be comparable directly to those provided in previous years.


Notes :
(1) Including residential area developed by private developers (excluding village houses, subsidised housing and temporary housing area).
(2) Including subsidised housing and temporary housing area.
(3) Including village houses and temporary structures.
(4) Including parks, stadiums, playgrounds and recreational facilities.
(5) Including mangrove and swamp areas below the High Water Mark.
* Please click this link to download the open data of Land Utilization in Hong Kong.
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