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Projections of Population Distribution 2015-2024


  1. The Working Group on Population Distribution Projections (WGPD) completed in December 2015 the compilation of the projections of population distribution for 2015-2024, which adopted the latest Census and Statistics Department's projections of territorial population released in September 2015 as the control totals.  

  2. Forecast housing supply data adopted by the projections have taken into account all planning information of housing development proposals that were known up to the first quarter of 2015 and other assumptions.  

  3. The WGPD compiles projected distributions of population by District Council District (DCD), New Town, as well as Tertiary Planning Unit (TPU). In addition, the projected age structures of population in individual DCDs and New Towns are also compiled. 

  4. The detailed results of the population distribution projections for 2015-2024 are published in the report "Projections of Population Distribution 2015-2024". Free download version of the report in PDF format (Bilingual version) is available. Besides, free download version of the statistical tables inside the report in Excel format (Bilingual version) and CSV format (Bilingual version) is also available .


Many detailed working assumptions are involved in compiling the population distribution projections; changes to which may yield very different results. Although the WGPD has endeavoured to adopt the best assumptions and data sources available at the time of producing the projections, persons making reference to the projection data should decide on the applicability of the projections data to any specific purposes and uses. The Government is not to be held liable for any consequences arising from using the projection data.


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