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Adopted Departmental Plans

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Sai Kung

Office Responsible: Sai Kung & Islands District Planning Office

Plan No. Title Date Adopted Remarks
D/SK-CWBS/1 Clear Water Bay Peninsula South Outline Development Plan 16.8.2002 supersedes southern part of D/SK-CWBN/1A
D/SK-CWBN/2 Clear Water Bay Peninsula North Outline Development Plan 22.4.2002 supersedes northern part of D/SK-CWBN/1A
D/SK-HC/2 Ho Chung Outline Development Plan 16.11.1999  
D/SK-NHH/1B North Hebe Haven Outline Development Plan 2.3.1985 (*)
D/SK-T/2 Sai Kung Town Outline Development Plan 10.12.2003 supersedes
D/SK-TLS/1E Tseng Lan Shue Outline Development Plan 7.2.1986 supersedes
(Amendments ratified by DipCon on 18.3.2002)
L/SK-PK1/1B Layout Plan for Pak Kong Village Extension 7.9.1983 supersedes
(Amendments ratified by DipCon on 9.7.2002)
L/SK-MKU/1A Mang Kung Uk Layout Plan 23.9.1998 supersedes
(Amendments ratified by DipCon on 5.2.2016)
L/SK-SKM2/1A Sha Ha Residential Layout Plan, Sai Kung 1.8.1990 supersedes
L/SK-T1/1B Sai Kung Town, Tui Min Hoi Planning Area 1 Layout Plan 11.3.1983 supersedes
(Amendments ratified by DipCon on 20.2.2003)
L/SK-T2/1A Sai Kung Town, Tui Min Hoi (Planning Area 2, Part) Rural Industrial Area Layout plan 6.4.1989  
L/SK-TLS4/1 Residential Layout at Ta Ku Ling - Sai Kung 7.9.1977  
L/SK-TMT1/1A Residential Layout at Tai Mong Tsai - Sai Kung 28.3.1980  
L/SK-TPT6/1 Layout Plan for Tai Po Tsai 7.3.1997  
L/SK-T4/1 Sai Kung Town North Planning Area 4 - Layout Plan 9.2.1999  


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