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Adopted Departmental Plans

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Tsuen Wan

Office Responsible: Tsuen Wan & West Kowloon District Planning Office

Plan No.


Date Adopted Remarks
D/TWC/2A Tsuen Wan Central 
- Outline Development Plan
19.7.1991 (+)
D/TWN/2 Tsuen Wan North 
- Outline Development Plan
20.3.1992 (+)
D/TWW/2 Tsuen Wan West 
- Outline Development Plan
22.8.1987 (+)
L/TWN1/2 Wo Yi Hop Village - Layout Plan 24.1.1991  
L/TW-LW/1 Lo Wai & Yi Pei Chun Village 
- Layout Plan
23.6.1989 (*)
L/TW-ST/1 San Tsuen Village Expansion Area 
- Layout Plan
L/TW-STP/1 Northeast San Tsuen Pai Village Expansion Area - Layout Plan 6.4.1993 (*)
L/TW-CL/1 Chuen Lung Village Expansion Area Layout Plan 17.1.1994 (*)


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