Concept Plan for Lantau


Overall Planning Concept for Lantau

Planning Vision and Overall Concept

12. Our planning vision is to promote sustainable development of Lantau by balancing development and conservation needs. The overall planning concept is to focus major economic infrastructure and urban development in North Lantau to optimise the use of the existing and planned transport links and infrastructure, while protecting the other parts of Lantau, which comprise primarily high-quality landscape and ecologically sensitive natural environment, for nature conservation and environmentally sustainable recreational and visitor uses. The Concept Plan for Lantau is at Plan 1.

Concept Plan for Lantau

Plan 1 - Concept Plan for Lantau

Planning Principles and Broad Land Use Pattern

13. The planning principles and broad land use pattern are as follows :

(a) to strengthen the Hong Kong International Airport as an international and regional aviation hub through maximising its utilisation and development potential, to develop a Logistics Park in Siu Ho Wan to enhance Hong Kong's position as a regional logistics centre, and to provide for the Hong Kong Section of the HZMB and the North Lantau Highway Connection along the northshore ;

(b) to strengthen North East Lantau as a major tourism hub, with Hong Kong Disneyland as the focus and compatible tourism and recreational uses in the vicinity. This includes developing a Sunny Bay Tourism Node and a golf course cum resort at Tsing Chau Tsai East. The Hong Kong Disneyland Phase 1 together with possible expansion in the longer term is envisaged to be the anchor for further tourism development in Lantau ;

(c) to develop possible theme park or recreational uses at the Tung Chung East waterfront ;

(d) to develop resorts with suitable anchor facilities in keeping with the rural character and natural landscape at selective locations in South Lantau ;

(e) to enhance the visitor appeal of Ngong Ping based on its religious heritage and improved access by cable car ;

(f) Tung Chung to remain a comprehensively planned new town for 220 000 with adequate community facilities and regional facilities serving the whole of Lantau, such as a regional hospital. While keeping the existing and committed developments in Tung Chung Central intact, the new town extension would focus on Tung Chung West and East ;

(g) to allow limited growth of the existing rural and sub-urban clusters at Mui Wo, South Lantau and Discovery Bay to preserve the character of the surrounding environment and to avoid overtaxing the infrastructure ;

(h) to maximise the potential of rural Lantau for sustainable recreational and visitor uses. This includes promoting sustainable recreational uses in South Lantau and Mui Wo, preserving the Tai O fishing village, and promoting compatible countryside recreation in and around the country parks ; and

(i) to conserve the cultural heritage of Lantau and high-quality natural landscape and ecologically sensitive natural environment, including the Lantau North and Lantau South Country Parks, the proposed Lantau North (Extension) Country Park, as well as the potential site for designation as marine park in the waters around Southwest Lantau.

Yi Tung Shan Tung Chung Town Centre

14. The total population in Lantau is envisaged to increase from about 88 000 to 267 000 with the following spatial distribution :

Population Distribution of Lantau

as at mid 2004 *
Planned Population
Tung Chung 61 300 220 000
Discovery Bay 15 500 25 200
Mui Wo 4 700 7 600
South Lantau 2 800 6 400
Tai O 2 700 6 700
Other parts of Rural Lantau 500 1 200
Total 87 500 267 100

Notes : *Based on the 2003-based Working Group on Population Distribution projection results

15. The development of future transport infrastructure for Lantau would take into account the HZMB and other major projects. The traffic impact of the new initiatives for tourism, logistics and other developments in Lantau would be assessed in the course of the feasibility studies.

External and Internal Transport Network

External and Internal Transport Network

16. Packages of highway projects have been proposed to meet the traffic demand in Lantau and the Northwest New Territories. Possible road projects in Lantau include the Lantau-Urban Link, which mainly comprises connecting infrastructure linking the HZMB to North Lantau Highway, Lantau Road P1, Tsing Yi-Lantau Link and Pa Tau Kwu Section of Chok Ko Wan Link Road (Package 1); Strategic North-South Link (East) (i.e. Tsing Lung Bridge) (Package 2); and Strategic North-South Link (West) (i.e. Tuen Mun to Chek Lap Kok Link) (Package 3). These three packages together represent the maximal network now identified for Lantau. They will be subject to continuous review to suit the planning assumptions and latest circumstances. The relative priority and implementation timeframe of the projects will be assessed in the light of studies under way and the growth in traffic demand.

17. To improve the capacities of internal roads in Lantau, widening of Tung Chung Road and local upgrading roadworks in South Lantau are being undertaken. With these improvements, the vehicular link between North and South Lantau will be enhanced. The current permit system on using these roads will be subject to review with due regard to the road capacities. The current traffic restrictions for the Discovery Bay Tunnel Link are envisaged to remain.

18. Many of the proposals in the Concept Plan would be designated projects under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance. They would be subject to feasibility studies including EIAs. The cumulative environmental impacts would also be addressed.

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