Planning Considerations

10. In addressing the new land use needs, we have taken into account the following strategic and local planning considerations:

(a) the need for conserving high-quality natural landscape, ecological environment and cultural heritage sites ;

(b) the capacity of external and internal transport links ;

(c) the airport height restrictions which constrain building heights and developable area ;

(d) the aircraft noise which prohibits the development of noise sensitive uses in certain areas ;

(e) development restrictions to protect Hong Kong Disneyland from visual intrusion and incompatible uses ;

(f) consultation zones of potentially hazardous installations which are not suitable for high-intensity uses and visitor attractions ;

(g) the limit of reclamation imposed by shipping channels and water quality and hydrological considerations ; and

(h) topographical and other technical constraints.

11. According to the consultancy study on the Hong Kong Port-Master Plan 2020, Northwest Lantau has been identified as one of the possible locations for the construction of Container Terminal 10. Any impact on the planning of Lantau is to be addressed upon a clearer view on the way forward for port development. For Soko Islands and the surrounding waters, apart from being a potential site for designation as a Marine Park, other competing land uses are under consideration. The Castle Peak Power Company Limited / CLP Power have advised the Government that they are considering Tai A Chau, among other sites, for the development of a liquefied natural gas terminal, which would require detailed examination.



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