Towards Sustainable Development

20. A preliminary sustainability assessment has been conducted which shows that the proposals in the Concept Plan should contribute positively to the economic development of Hong Kong, in particular reinforcing our position as a regional tourism, transportation and logistics hub. There will be economic benefits, including the creation of employment, investment and local business opportunities. The proposals providing more leisure, recreation and sports outlets for public enjoyment are conducive to the sustainability principle of enhancing our leisure and cultural vibrancy. With due emphases given to the protection of the natural habitats, the proposals will help maintain the rich bio-diversity in Hong Kong.

21. The preliminary sustainability assessment also identifies potential issues like environmental impacts, capacity of transport infrastructure, proposed reclamations, possible development pressure on South Lantau, social impacts on local community as well as the overall cumulative impacts arising from all development projects under planning in Lantau. Further sustainability assessments will be conducted when Government draws up the concrete details of the Concept Plan and undertakes further feasibility studies on the development projects selected for implementation, taking into account the cumulative impacts and comments received in the public consultation.



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