Lantau Development Task Force

Pursuant to the 2004 Policy Address, the Lantau Development Task Force was set up to steer the economic and infrastructure development in Lantau. As a start, a Concept Plan for Lantau has been drawn up to ensure a balanced and co-ordinated planning approach for future development. We now sincerely invite you to give views on the Concept Plan to help plan Lantau.

New Land Use Needs

With the Hong Kong International Airport, the proposed landing of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) at the northwest shore, and anchorage of a world-class theme park at Penny's Bay, Lantau is well placed to strengthen Hong Kong's economic pillars of tourism and logistics developments. It would continue to play an important role in sustaining Hong Kong's development.

On the other hand, Lantau has been well recognized for its nature conservation and recreation value. A right balance of development and conservation is essential.

Shaping Future Lantau - the Concept Plan

Our planning vision is to promote sustainable development in Lantau by balancing development and conservation needs.

We aim to focus major economic infrastructure and urban development in North Lantau to optimise the use of the transport links and infrastructure, while protecting other parts of Lantau for nature conservation and environmentally sustainable recreation and visitor uses.

Development Themes & Proposals

Economic Infrastructure and Tourism

Additional economic infrastructure proposals are identified to enhance Hong Kong's economic competitiveness. Using Hong Kong Disneyland as an anchor for further tourism development in Lantau, a greater variety of attractions are proposed. These proposals would help strengthen Hong Kong's function as a regional, logistics and tourism hub. They include :

Theme Attractions Based on Heritage, Local Character and Natural Landscape

These are proposed to harness the local attraction and recreation potential of rural Lantau while preserving the ecological, landscape and cultural heritage values. They are proposed also to help boost the local economy. They include :

Maximising the Recreation Potential of Country Parks

The Country Parks share most of the areas of natural beauty in Lantau. Sustainable educational and recreation uses in harmony with the natural landscape are suitable in selected areas in and around the Country Parks. They include :

Meeting Nature Conservation Needs

The protection of uplands in Central Lantau and waters in Southwest Lantau as important conservation areas is an important basis for the overall planning.

The Concept Plan aims to provide an overall planning framework to meet different development needs. The proposals are conceptual, requiring detailed studies to confirm their feasibility, including the funding and implementation aspects.

Towards Sustainable Development

A preliminary sustainability assessment for the Concept Plan shows that the proposals should contribute positively to economic development of Hong Kong, more employment, investment and local business opportunities, more leisure and recreation outlets, and the protection of the natural habitats. It also identifies potential sustainability issues like environmental impacts, capacity of transport infrastructure, proposed reclamations, possible development pressure in South Lantau, social impacts on local community, as well as the overall cumulative impacts of all development projects under planning in Lantau. Further sustainability assessments will be conducted when the Government draws up the concrete details of the Concept Plan and undertakes further feasibility studies on the development projects selected for implementation, taking into account comments received in the public consultation.

We Look Forward to Receiving Your Views

A separate Consultation Digest elaborating on the Concept Plan and the planning vision, planning principles, development themes and proposals is also available from the Planning Department, Public Enquiry Services Centres of District Offices and the Planning Department website

We welcome your views and suggestions. Please forward them before 28 February 2005 by :

To view the full document of the Consultation Leaflet in (.pdf) format (1.9MB), you require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be obtained by clicking here.