Commencement of the Town Planning Ordinance as amended in 2023

The Town Planning Ordinance as amended in 2023 (Amended Ordinance) comes into operation today (1.9.2023). The main objectives of the Amended Ordinance are to streamline and enhance the plan-making process and planning applications, as well as to strengthen enforcement power against unauthorised developments in the rural areas in the New Territories. For the details of the key amendments, please click here

Under the Amended Ordinance, only eligible person can apply for section 12A application. For those who are not eligible, they can submit their rezoning proposals for Planning Department’s consideration. For details, please click here.  

Members of the public can make enquiries through the enquiry hotline (2231 4810 or 2231 5000) or email ( or, and visit the TPB's website.

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