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> Report on 2020 Area Assessments of Industrial Land in the Territory
> Hong Kong 2030 + : Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030
> Sustainability Assessment for Hong Kong 2030+
> Strategic Environmental Assessment for Hong Kong 2030+ – Feasibility Study
> Transport and Land Use Assessment - Feasibility Study
> Urban Design Guidelines Revamp
> Planning and Engineering Study on Future Land Use at Ex-Lamma Quarry Area at Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island - Feasibility Study
(jointly commissioned by Civil Engineering and Development Department and Planning Department)
> Development of a Common Spatial Data Infrastructure – Built Environment Application Platform – Feasibility Study
> Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in Yuen Long South - Investigation
> Urban Design Study for the Wan Chai North and North Point Harbourfront Areas - Feasibility Study
> Study on Existing Profile and Operations of Brownfield Sites in the New Territories - Feasibility Study
> Cross-boundary Travel Survey 2017
> Survey on Business Establishments in Kowloon East 2018
> Planning and Design Study on the Redevelopment of Queensway Plaza, Admiralty - Feasibility Study
> Planning and Design Study on the Redevelopment of Government Sites at Sai Yee Street and Mong Kok East Station – Feasibility Study
> Preliminary Feasibility Study on Developing the New Territories North

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