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The Stage II Study on Review of Metroplan
and the Related Kowloon Density Study Review


Study Framework, Work Programme
and Notification of Public Consultation


In 1991, ExCo approved the Metroplan Selected Strategy which provided a planning and development framework for the restructuring of the Metro Area (including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing) up to 2011. Subsequently in 1993, the Kowloon Density Study (KDS) was also completed, which provided a basis for the imposition of development density restrictions by statutory Outline Zoning Plans in various parts of the Kowloon area.

In 1996, Planning Department commenced the Stage I Study on Review of Metroplan to examine the change of conditions and identify key problems and issues of the Metro Area since completion of the 1991 Metroplan. The Stage I Study was completed in 1998.

The subject study was then commissioned in March this year to comprehensively review the 1991 Metroplan taking into account findings of the Stage I Study so as to produce an updated development strategy for the Metro Area up to 2016 and beyond. It also includes the carrying out of the KDS Review to review the existing density controls in Kowloon area.

Study Framework

The study would be undertaken in four integrated stages, namely Basic Studies, Constraints and Opportunities, Strategy Generation and Recommendations.

Stage 1: Basic Studies Stage 2: Constraints and Opportunities Stage 3: Strategy Generation Stage 4: Recommendationchart_e.gif (11144 bytes)

Stage 1: Basic Studies

The first stage would set out the study objectives, scope, approach and methodology. It would start off with a critical review of the Metroplan including the KDS in a strategic planning context and the existing local situation (including population and employment). Key issues (e.g. infrastructure capacities) in the Metro Area will be identified. The objectives and criteria for evaluating the future development options will also be defined.

Stage 2: Constraints and Opportunities

The second stage would include a review of the performance of the previous KDS controls. The impact of projected development and redevelopment will be assessed with detailed infrastructural capacity assessments and environmental appraisal. The overall development constraints and opportunities of the Metro Area will be identified and analysed. The process would then identify and recommend the possible future density controls and changes of use as a result of the assessments.

Stage 3: Strategy Generation

The third stage would integrate findings of different studies and assess the land requirements to meet various types of development needs (such as housing, industrial,  commercial, government, institution and community uses etc.) in the short, medium and long terms. Different development options will be generated for the Metro Area.

Stage 4: Recommendations

The final stage of the study would be options evaluation aiming at the selection of a recommended strategy for the Metro Area, which will offer the optimal balance of all relevant considerations. The evaluation process will also confirm the final recommendation on density controls for the Kowloon area.

Work Programme

The study period is scheduled for completion in October 2000.

Public Consultation


To ensure public's involvement in the study process, there would be a three-stage consultation where views of public and major stakeholders will be solicited. The scheduled public consultation programme is as follows:

1st Public Consultation on Study Objectives, Approach and Key Issues - July 1999

2nd Public Consultation on Constraints and Opportunities and Development Options Late 2000

3rd Public Consultation on Recommended Strategy - Mid 2001


I. Public Forum

It is intended to hold public forums which can provide an opportunity for the general public including stakeholders to express views and comments at each stage of the public consultation. Guest speakers will be invited to express their ideas on study approach, objectives, scope, major key issues, development options and recommended strategy. We believe this is a practical and effective approach to enhance public awareness of the study. The first public forum was held in 17 July 1999.

II. Briefing Session

Formal briefings will also be made to Provisional District Boards, Municipal Councils, Town Planning Board and other relevant public bodies during each stage of the public consultation to solicit their views.

III. Website

Information materials of each stage of the public consultation will be put on the website of Planning Department during the course of the study. Public will be invited to send in their comments in electronic mail or other forms. A summary of responses to comments will be put on the website afterwards for information of the general public.

IV. Mass Media

The general public will be informed of the study objectives, scope, approach, major key issues, development options and recommended strategy through press briefings and other forms of the mass media.

V. Consultation Materials

To facilitate the consultation and better discussion, consultation materials will be prepared and distributed to the public at public forums and uploaded in Planning Department's website.

Your Views

Any views on this Study are welcome.

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