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Urban Design Guidelines for Hong Kong

The need to cope with rapid increase in population on limited amount of developable land has resulted in high intensity and fast pace of development in Hong Kong. These have major impact on our urban scene. The Planning Department therefore initiated the Study "Urban Design Guidelines for Hong Kong" with a view to preparing a set of urban design guidelines to promote public awareness on design considerations and providing a broad framework for urban design assessment. The aim is to promote Hong Kong's image as a world class city and to enhance the quality of our built environment in functional and aesthetic terms and at both macro and micro levels.

The first round of public consultation was undertaken in 2000 to collect public views on the various major urban design issues of Hong Kong, following which a set of broad guidelines was proposed, including development height profile, waterfront development, cityscape, pedestrian environment and mitigation against noise and air pollution from road traffic. A second round of public consultation on the proposed guidelines was subsequently conducted from September to December 2001. The study was completed in mid-2003. The generally agreed urban design guidelines incorporating public views are presented in the Executive Summary.

Executive Summary

Please click here to view the Executive Summary (in HTML format or in PDF format). Hard copy of the Summary is available for public inspection at Planning Enquiry Counter, Planning Department, 17/F North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, Hong Kong.


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