Wan Chai Development Phase II

The Wan Chai Development Phase II (WDII) Project is the final phase of the Central and Wan Chai Reclamation. The WDII Project will provide land for essential transport infrastructure, including the Central-Wan Chai Bypass (CWB), the Island Eastern Corridor Link (IECL), the MTR North Hong Kong Island Line (NIL) and the fourth rail harbour crossing section of the Shatin to Central Link (SCL). In providing land for key transport infrastructure and facilities, opportunity is taken to improve the waterfront, with open plazas, landscaped areas, marinas, leisure, cultural and entertainment facilities, for the enrichment of Hong Kong's quality of life.








Land Use Proposals

An Outline Zoning Plan which aims to rationalise land uses and promote the creation of a high quality waterfront at Wan Chai and Causeway Bay has been prepared. The plan provides a broad land use framework for open space and recreational provision, government and community uses, commercial and hotel development and reserves for essential circulation and access.


The Waterfront Promenade

A high quality waterfront promenade will be developed to include:


Development Potential

A number of prestigious sites have been reserved for new development:


Public Uses

A number of existing and proposed government and community uses are accommodated under planning proposals. These include:


Urban Design

The design framework applied to the planning area has sought to:




Circulation will be provided at grade and via a series of interconnected elevated decks,walkways and subways. These will be located along key north-south desire lines between the hinterland and the waterfront. A major east-west pedestrian route will be provided along the waterfront promenade.


The proposed NIL and Exhibition Station will service the planning area and provide strategic links to the greater urban area.


Local road connections will provide access from the hinterland to the new waterfront. The proposed strategic highway, the CWB and the IECL, will alleviate traffic congestion along the north shore of Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, especially on Harcourt Road and Gloucester Road, and surrounding areas.



The new Wan Chai waterfront will provide for the following:

The new waterfront will complement the new Central waterfront and contribute significantly to upgrading Hong Kong's premier waterfront to a standard comparable with other international cities.