Study Objectives

This Study aims to examine how the Wan Chai North and North Point harbourfront can be re-defined to promote accessibility, diversity, identity and vibrancy on the land and the water, and to re-connect people to the water edge. As a step forward of the WDII Review, the Study would take on board the latest circumstances to work out a sustainable urban design framework, and formulate comprehensive planning and design briefs to guide the future developments and harbourfront enhancements to make the Wan Chai North and North Point harbourfront areas attractive, accessible, vibrant and sustainable. The Study would focus on the urban design aspect to ensure a holistic design of the future development.

Study Area

The Study Area mainly comprises newly reclaimed land covering the harbourfront stretching from the area west of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) eastward to the proposed waterfront open space adjacent to the Island Eastern Corridor in North Point, encompassing about 19 ha of land area and about 22 ha of water area. The Study would not be confined within the Study Area boundary. In terms of pedestrian connectivity and traffic improvements, the Study will go beyond to a wider area as delineated by the “Area of Influence”.

Study Area ( ) and Area of Influence ( ).