Development Constraints & Opportunities

Development Constraints

  • Road Traffic – there is a lack of road capacity in the area.  Effective road improvement measures are required for any large-scale developments proposed at the Study Site.
  • Sewerage – the existing and planned sewerage system in the area could only support a maximum population of about 30,000 at the Study Site.
  • Protection of Ridgeline – in accordance with the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines, the highest 20% of the Tai Sheung Tok ridgeline will be designated as “building free zone” so as to protect the ridgeline.
  • Drainage – there are two underground water storage tanks on the platform of the Study Site.  No building would be allowed these two tanks.
  • Geology – there are drop-cut areas and fault zones on the platform of the Study Site.  Deeper foundation works incurring higher construction cost may be required for any high-rise developments in these areas and zones.

Development constraints