Initial Land Use Options

Planned Population

Based on various preliminary technical assessments undertaken, it is estimated that the Study Site could accommodate a maximum population of approximately 30,000, with the implementation of appropriate road improvement measures. If more land is to be reserved for non-domestic uses (such as commercial, Government, Institution or Community (GIC), recreational, leisure and/or open space, etc.), the domestic component will have to be reduced accordingly so as to release sufficient infrastructural capacities for the non-domestic uses. It is therefore proposed to adopt a target population ranging from 22,000 to 30,000 for the Study Site.

Housing Mix

As the Sau Mau Ping Area where the Study Site is located is mainly for subsidized housing (including public rental housing), and the adjacent developments in the Development of Anderson Road (DAR) would be planned wholly for public rental housing, a private-to-subsidized housing ratio of 80:20 is proposed for the Study Site to improve the housing mix of the area.