Cross-boundary Travel Survey 2017



The objectives of the survey are:

l  To examine the general patterns of cross-boundary trips for all modes of transportation regarding trip purpose, origin, destination and transportation arrangement;

l  To examine the socio-economic characteristics of makers of such trips and to establish the travelling behaviour of different categories of cross-boundary trip makers; and

l  To examine the commuting characteristics of drivers of cross-boundary vehicles and hence the movement patterns of different types of cross-boundary vehicles.



The survey covers all cross-boundary passengers and vehicle drivers during the fieldwork period at eleven boundary control points as listed below.

l    Hong Kong International Airport

l    Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal

l    Hong Kong-China Ferry Terminal

l    Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal

l    Hung Hom Control Point

l    Lo Wu Control Point

l    Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control point

l    Lok Ma Chau Control Point

l    Man Kam To Control Point

l    Sha Tau Kok Control Point

l    Shenzhen Bay Control Point


Survey Period

The fieldwork will be conducted during the two-week period from 16 November 2017 (Thursday) to 29 November 2017 (Wednesday).


Data Items to be Collected

Major data items to be collected include:

l    Trip purpose

l    Origin

l    Destination

l    Trip duration

l    Travelling document used

l    Basic demographic characteristics

For vehicle drivers, the following additional items will be required:

l    Vehicle type

l    Loading condition

l    Number of passengers


Data Collection Method

About 60 000 cross-boundary passengers and 14 000 cross-boundary vehicle drivers will be randomly selected for face-to-face interviews to provide the required information.



Enquiries regarding the survey operation or identification of interviewers can be directed to the contractor of this survey at (852) 2856 4523.

For other enquiries, please contact the Planning Department at (852) 2231 4708.




Last revision date: 2 November 2017