7 Conclusion and Way Forward


7.1.1    In summary, the Inception Report has addressed the following tasks set out in task 1:

7.1.2    The 5 overseas case studies required as part of task1 will be undertaken concurrently with task 2 and the findings will be presented in Technical Report 1.


7.2      WAY FORWARD

7.2.1    The Study process as a whole is an iterative one and the findings of this Report will be subject to review during task 2 and beyond. Task 2 will address the following issues:

7.2.2    In particular, the following items addressed in the Inception Report will be subject to further review as part of Task 2.

           Key Issues

7.2.3    Further key issues will arise as a result of the 5 overseas case studies. Other key issues may arise as a result of the Value Management Workshop and as a result of the Public Consultation Process.

           Approach and Methodology

7.2.4    As a result of the refinement of key issues, it will be necessary to refine and amend the preliminary approach and methodology identified in this report. In particular, both the initial identification of LCTs and LCAs and the findings of the Overseas Case Studies will help to inform the revision of the project methodology.

           Study Programme

7.2.5    As further key issues arise, it may be necessary to review and refine the Study Programme in order to meet changing project requirements and constraints. It is therefore suggested that flexible and responsive approach to internal programming is adopted, whilst maintaining the final Study deadlines.



7.3.1    Shortly after submission of Technical Report 1 (containing the findings of task 2) a one-day Value Management Workshop (VMW) will be held attended by the Consultants and all key stakeholders from Government. The objective of the VMW will be to bring Government and Consultant together to draw rapidly upon the expertise of local Consultants, international experts and Government officers in order to identify key issues and ways in which the Study can be taken forward.

7.3.2    In particular, there will be short presentations by the Consultants on:

7.3.3    The VMW will also address:



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