Study Process

The Kai Tak Planning Review will be conducted in the following phases:
Inception Phase
Review Phase
Plan Preparation Phase
Inception Report
Study Planning
Study Programme
Management Structure & Staffing
Public Consultation Strategy & Programme
Study Website
TR1: Baseline Review
Update the planning principles and vision
Update the development constraints, threshold, requirements and parameters, including infrastructure aspects
Update the planned and committed development and infrastructure
Analysis of Urban Design Context
Examine the water quality and odour issues
Assessment of Stage 1 Public Consultation

Assessment for "overriding public need" test

TR2: Outline Concept Plan
Analysis of development scenarios with no/minimum reclamation
Vision Statement and Urban Design Concepts
Broad Land Use & Transport Framework
Broad Urban Design & Landscape Concept Master Plan
Infrastructure and Utility Corridors
Highlight technical issues
Assessment for " overriding public need" test
TR3: Preliminary Oultine Development Plan
Vision Statement
Urban Design & Landscape Master Plan
Housing & Supporting GIC Facilities
Commercial, Tourism & Retail Strategy
Sports & Recreation Provisions
Traffic & Transport Framework
Marine & Port Uses
Infrastructure and Utility Systems
Assessment of Stage 2 Public Consultation
Assessment for "overriding public need" test

TR4: Preliminary Technical Assessments
Broad Assessment on following aspects:
- Traffic & Transport
- Highway Infrastructure
- Environment
- Landscape & Visual
- Drainage & Sewerage
- Infrastructure & Utilities
- Marine
- Implementation & Costing
- Sustainability Assessment
Draft Final Report
Finalised Preliminary Outline Development Plan
Explanatory Statement
Urban Design and Landscape Master Plan
Statement on Reclamation
Executive Summary
Assessment of Stage 3 Public Consultation
Assessment for "overriding public need" test

Final Report
Public Participation
Stage 1 Public Participation:
Study Scope & Approach
September - November 2004
Stage 2 Public Participation:
Outline Concept Plan
November 2005 - 
January 2006
Stage 3 Public Participation:
Preliminary Outline Development Plan
June - August 2006