Study Outline

Study Background | Planning History of Kai Tak | Study Brief | Study Objectives and Tasks | Public Participation

Study Background

The previous studies on South East Kowloon Development (named as “Kai Tak” thereafter) focused on optimization of development potential of the ex-airport site with reclamation in the adjacent water bodies. The previous planning concepts have envisaged the Kai Tak site as “City within a City” and “Environmentally Friendly City”. Apart from a variety of housing developments, the planned tourism node with cruise terminal, multi-purpose stadium and metropolitan park have been the key features of Kai Tak proposed in the current development scheme.

Due to the Judgment of the Court of Final Appeal on the draft Wan Chai North Outline Zoning Plan handed down in January 2004, the presumption against harbour reclamation can only be rebutted by meeting the overriding public need test.

Under the current Outline Zoning Plans for Kai Tak, about 30% of the development scheme area would require reclamation in the harbour area. The main purpose of this study is to review the current development scheme in a comprehensive manner with “no reclamation” as the starting point.