Table 1 : Design Guidelines for Commercial Zone

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Design Guidelines

Image Project a positive, recognisable image for district and city Main Business District:
  • Enhance Hong Kong's image

  • Restrict mega-towers for few landmark locations

  • Consider a stepped building height profile with lower buildings along the waterfront and taller buildings inland

  • Identify suitable criteria for mega-tower locations

  • Reinforce the waterfront buildings as the city's "Front Elevation"

  • Consider the visual impact of rooftop structures

  • Consider the visual impact of rooftop advertising signs

  • Consider zoning such as "Comprehensive Development Area" for control of layout where appropriate

  • Avoid incompatible waterfront uses

  • Maximise accessibility to waterfront

Commercial Image in Residential Areas:

  • Locate commercial centre as heart of development

  • Use commercial centre to create identity for residential area and district character

  • Create human scale with podium edge of commercial centre

  • Link enclosed mall to open space 

Commercial Image in Industrial Areas:

  • Locate commercial uses as industrial estate focus

  • Consider the optimum location of facilities for maximising accessibility and use

Pedestrian Movement Create safe, interesting and comfortable circulation route for pedestrians

Ground Level:

  • Provide safe and linked system through the commercial area

  • Consider pedestrianisation of appropriate areas

  • Allow setbacks to create a focus 

  • Allow alternative routes

Retail Podium:

  • The linkages should follow "desire lines" 

Podium Top Circulation:

  • Pedestrian linkage should preferably go through open landscaped decks

Underground Shopping Mall Link:

  • Create interesting and safe pedestrian linkages underneath the shopping mall

Traffic Circulation Create an efficient vehicular circulation system to minimise negative impact of vehicles on pedestrians 
  • Minimise traffic impact on districts by keeping vehicular routes to the periphery 

  • Restrict access to commercial districts by provision of parking and interchange facilities at the periphery

  • Restrict access for delivery vehicles

  • Integrate measures to slow traffic speed at small location

Parking Provide adequate and conveniently accessible parking facilities
  • Provide adequate parking for vehicles

  • Provide direct access to parking facilities at periphery of Central Business District

  • Consider provision of transport interchanges to encourage reduction of traffic

Air Quality Provide maximum air circulation to improve air quality in commercial core area and achieve acceptable air quality
  • Create breezeways where possible

  • Consider effects on micro-climate at street level

  • Create pedestrianised zone for cleaner air

  • Encourage tree planting

Streetscape Maintain the vibrant streetscape character
  • Strengthen activities and vitality along the waterfront

  • Ensure legibility of the street environment

  • Create interesting frontages 



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