Table 3 : Maximum Domestic Plot Ratios - Rural Areas

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Density zone Maximum domestic plot ratio(i) Maximum development site ratio(ii) Typical total no of storeys Locational criteria
RR1 3.6 - 12 Commercial centres of Rural Townships
RR2 2.1 - 6 Areas within Rural Townships lying outside the commercial centre, and in other significant rural development areas served by medium capacity public transport, such as light rail systems.
RR3 - 0.75 3 over car port Peripheral parts of Rural Townships or other rural development areas, or in locations away from existing settlements but with adequate infrastructure and no major landscape or environmental constraints.
RR4 - 0.4 3 including car port Similar locations to RR3 but where development intensity is restricted by infrastructure or landscape constraints.
RR5 - 0.2 2 over car port Replacements for temporary structures in areas requiring upgrading.
Village 3.0 (iii) - 3 Within the defined envelope of recognised villages.


General : The Table only gives an indication of the maximum plot ratio which may be allowed for a particular area. However, where there are significant constraints on development capacity (such as transport or infrastructure limitations, environmental, topographical or geotechnical conditions, or heritage and nature conservation), other planning principles and urban design considerations (including local character and setting, building height profile and massing of the neighbourhood, air ventilation and visual impacts on the surroundings, protection of important physical features such as ridgelines), or special design considerations, a lower plot ratio may be specified when considered appropriate and possible.

(i) Domestic plot ratio is applied to the Net Site Area (i.e. excluding roads and zoned open space).

(ii) Development site ratio is applied to the whole site including those parts to be devoted to roads and open space, but excluding slopes (see definition of Development Site Area in Figure 1).

(iii) New Territories Exempted House, built on a site area of 65.03m2.

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