Table 6 : Standards ofs Provision for Core Activities

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Core Activity Population Standard Remarks
Indoor Provision
Table Tennis2

Swimming pool complex

Leisure pool

1 per 8 000                         )
on a district need basis       )
1 per 7 500 or                     )
2 per 15 000                       )
1 per sports centre
1 per district
1 per 287 000 or
1 m2 water per 85
1 per district

Provided in sports centres,   leisure centres or purpose-built facilities in composite   developments


To be accommodated in the  multi-purpose arenas in sports  centres

Outdoor Provision



Roller Skating Rink
Jogging Track
Childrens' Playground2 & 4
2 per 30 000
1 per 10 000
1 per 20 000
1 per 100 000
1 per 30 000                       )
1 per 30 000                       )
1 per district
1 per 200 000-250 000
300 m2 per 30 000
500m-1 000m per 30 000
400 m2 per 5 000
- Minimum 2 courts

Football pitches within sports grounds do not count towards standard due to their inaccessibility to the general public

- Provision for both facilities

To be accommodated in multi-purpose grass pitches


To be accommodated in   sports ground/sports complex


May be provided in district   open space or as part of  pedestrian circulation system


1 Facilities which may also be provided indoors. However, indoor provision within Sports Centres on a share facility basis is normally considered as a bonus and does not count towards the HKPSG. In the absence of outdoor space, indoor provision within dedicated, purpose-designed, facilities may be countable.

2 Facilities which are normally provided in public housing developments as outdoor provision. Informal facilities such as kickabout areas or basketball shooting areas, and courts of minor substandard size may be acceptable and countable towards the standard of provision for recreation facilities in public housing developments which have obvious site constraints.

3 Optional facilities to be provided in public housing developments where site conditions permit.

4 Facility to be integrated with open space/play areas for all age groups and persons with disabilities to foster a sense of community in public housing developments.


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