Appendix 1 : Examples of Industries Accommodated in the Industrial Land Use Types

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Land Use

Examples of Potential Type of Business
General Industrial Use Industrial Use

A production facility of a clothing and textiles manufacturing company

A production and sales facility of a clock manufacturing company

A management and technical support office of a household appliance manufacturing company

A warehouse for general storage and distribution services 

Industrial/Office Use

A head office of a mobile telephone manufacturing company

A regional marketing and distribution centre for chemical products

An office for import/export of an office equipment manufacturing company

An office for wholesaling, repairing and quality control of an electrical appliances manufacturing company 

A training centre and technical support unit of a software manufacturing company 

A storage and office facility of an electronic toys import/export company

A storage and office facility of a foodstuff wholesale company

Special Industrial Use

Industrial Estate

A production facility of a semi-conductor and ICs manufacturing company

A production and distribution facility of a food company

A printing facility for a high quality printing company

A production facility for a waste paper recycling company

A production and research facility for a group of pharmaceutical companies

A casting yard for prestressed concrete pile

A repairing and testing facility for aircraft engine

A production and research and development facility of a tempered glass company

A laboratory facility for consumer product testing and product certification services

Science Park

A research and development facility of an information technology company

A research and development facility and sales office of a biotechnology company

A research, development and administrative office of an advanced materials manufacturing company

Rural Based Industrial Use

A wood/furniture/paper making workshop

A small sawmill

A production and storage facility for a metal goods manufacturing company

A vehicle repair workshop

A storage facility for construction materials and equipment

Other Industrial Uses with Special Requirements

A production complex of a chemical manufacturer

A fuel storage facility

A shipyard of a shipbuilding company

A cement manufacturing company

A purpose-built storage facility for bulk storage of dangerous goods

A dyeing and bleaching facility for a fabric company

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