Table 2 : Guidelines for Worker Densities

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Land Use Land Use

Worker Density

Business Use  


General Industrial Use (GIU) Industrial Use (I) Existing Industrial Areas: 25m2/worker
General Industrial Use (GIU) Industrial Use (I) New Industrial Areas: 35m2/worker
General Industrial Use (GIU) Industrial Use (I) Warehouse: 700m2/worker
General Industrial Use (GIU) Industrial/Office Use (I/O) 20m2/worker (all areas)
Special Industrial use (SIU) Industrial Estate (IE) 75m2/worker
Special Industrial use (SIU) Science Park (SP) 15m2/worker
Special Industrial use (SIU) Rural-Based Industrial Use (RI) 300 workers/ha
Special Industrial use (SIU) Other Industrial Uses with Special Requirements (SI) Vary as per functional needs


In view of the wide range of variations in both the floor space allocations and the plot ratios of factory buildings between districts and between industrial types, it is inappropriate to specify fixed standards for worker densities. Instead, it is more realistic for each area to be evaluated on the basis of its own circumstances. The above figures should be used to estimate likely worker numbers in the absence of more detailed information and for the planning of industrial supporting facilities


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