Appendix 4.1 : Principal Framework for Planning against Noise

All noise emitters (excluding aircraft and road traffic) identified below come under the control of the NCO. Statutory action will be taken if noise from any of the sources constitutes an annoyance under the relevant provisions. In siting these noise emitters, it is therefore important to ensure that the noise criteria described in Section 4.2.13 are followed to avoid the future violation of the provisions in the NCO after the development is completed.

Noise Emitters, Noise Sensitive and Noise Tolerant Uses

Major Emitters :

  • aircraft (including helicopters)

  • rail traffic (MTR, LRT, KCR)


  • road traffic

Major Fixed Noise Sources
  • general industrial sources

  • pump houses

  • gas pressure reduction plants

  • quarries


  • concrete batching plants

  • electricity sub-stations

  • rock crushing plants

Other Facilities
  • railway depots/marshalling yards

  • wholesale markets

  • open car/lorry parks

  • refuse handling areas

  • container terminals

  • public cargo working areas

  • airport facilities

  • bus depots/termini

  • vehicle pounding areas

  • slaughterhouses

  • sand depots

  • multi-purpose terminals


Potential Emitters :

  • fire stations

  • trams

  • tram depots


  • ambulance depots

  • petrol filling stations

Major Sensitive Uses

Residential Uses
  • all domestic premises including temporary housing


Institutional Uses
  • educational institutions including kindergartens and child care centres

  • medical clinics

  • convalescent homes

  • libraries

  • performing arts centres

  • amphitheatres


  • hospitals

  • residential care homes for the elderly

  • places of public worship

  • courts of law

  • auditoria

  • hotels

  • country parks

  • hostels

  • offices


Noise-tolerant Uses :

  • multi-storey carparks

  • offices (with acoustic insulation)

  • community uses (eg. sports complexes, community centres etc.)

  • multi-storey markets

  • godowns

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