Table 1.3 : Summary of Recommended Buffer Distances for Land Uses

[ Table Summary ]

Polluting Uses
Sensitive Uses
Buffer Distance
Multi-storey industrial buildings residential areas, schools 100m


Multi-storey industrial buildings commerical and GIC uses 30m


Industrial areas hospitals 500m


Industrial chimneys sensitive uses within 500m, consult EPD 3.3.3
Industrial chimneys high-rise buildings 200m 3.3.3
Industrial chimneys active open spaces 10-100m 3.4.4
Slaughterhouses sensitive uses and commerical areas 300m or 200m (with or without a rendering plant) 3.3.5
Village incinerator sensitive uses 100m 3.3.7
Odour sources sensitive uses 200m 3.3.9
Offensive trades sensitive uses 200m 6.3.4
Dusty uses sensitive uses 100m 3.3.10
Trunk roads active open spaces 20m 3.4.4
Trunk roads residential uses 300m
50m (with screening)
Primary distributors residential uses 180m
40m (with screening)
District distributors/
Local distributors
residential uses 120m
30m (with screening)
MTR lines noise sensitive uses 150m 4.2.10
KCR lines noise sensitive uses 85m 4.2.10
LRT lines noise sensitive uses 25m 4.2.10

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