Table 4.1 : Summary of Noise Standards

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Aircraft Noise (Noise Exposure Forecast : NEF)
Helicopter Noise
Road Traffic Noise
 L10 (1hour)
Rail Traffic Noise Fixed Noise Source
All domestic premises including temporary housing accommodation 25 85 70
(a) Leq (24 hr)
 = 65 dB(A) and
(b) Lmax(2300 - 0700) 
= 85 dB(A)
(a) 5 dB(A) below the appropriate Acceptable Noise Levels shown in Table 2 of the Technical Memorandum for the Assessment of Noise from Places Other than Domestic Premises, Public Places or Construction Sites and

(b) the prevailing background noise levels
Hotels and hostels 25 85 70
Offices 30 90 70
Educational institutions including kindergartens, child care centres and all others where unaided voice communication is required 25 85 65
Places of public worship and courts of law 25 85 65
Hospitals, clinics, convalescences and residential care homes for the elderly
- diagnostic rooms
- wards
25 85 55
Amphitheatres, and auditoria, libraries, performing arts centres and Country Parks depend on use, extent and construction depend on locations and construction


1. The above standards apply to uses which rely on opened windows for ventilation.

2. The above standards should be viewed as the maximum permissible noise levels at the external facade.

3. Definitions of noise units and criteria are included in Appendix 4.2.

4. For details of the aircraft noise management, Civil Aviation Department should be consulted.

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