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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  1. The Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines (HKPSG) is a Government manual of criteria for determining the scale, location and site requirements of various land uses and facilities. As planning standards and guidelines could affect the allocation of scarce land and financial resources, they should be applied with a degree of flexibility. Trade-offs may be necessary so that the community at large could benefit most from the development.

  2. HKPSG is applicable in four aspects :
  • Forward Planning - it provides an equitable basis for allocating scarce land resources and locational guidelines for various types of land uses and facilities.

  • Development Control - it provides guidance on the scale, intensity and site requirements of developments as well as the supporting facilities required.

  • Plan Implementation - it provides a yardstick to measure the sufficiency of land for various uses and adequacy of facilities to serve a planning area.

  • Raising Quality of Life - it provides guidelines on environmental planning and conservation of our natural landscape, habitats, cultural heritage and townscape.
  1. There are no pre-set planning standards or guidelines for territorial or unique uses and facilities, such as airports, museums, universities etc. since they are subject to individual investigations and other internationally recognized criteria.

  2. The subsequent chapters would provide a summary of various planning standards and guidelines as specified below :
  • Chapter 2 : Residential Densities

  • Chapter 3 : Community Facilities

  • Chapter 4 : Recreation, Open Space and Greening

  • Chapter 5 : Industry

  • Chapter 6 : Retail Facilities

  • Chapter 7 : Utility Services

  • Chapter 8 : Internal Transport Facilities

  • Chapter 9 : Environment

  • Chapter 10 : Conservation

  • Chapter 11 : Urban Design Guidelines

  • Chapter 12 : Miscellaneous Planning Standards & Guidelines




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