Vacant School Premises Sites

Central Clearing House Mechanism

In accordance with the Central Clearing House (CCH) mechanism, the Education Bureau upon confirming that a vacant school premise (VSP) site is no longer required for school uses, will inform the Planning Department (PlanD) and other relevant departments (e.g. the Lands Department (LandsD) and the Housing Department (HD)).  PlanD will then conduct review according to the mechanism to consider and recommend suitable long-term use (such as Government, Institution or Community, residential and other uses) for the VSP site concerned.

Up to December 2023, PlanD has reviewed and recommended the long-term use of a total of 259 VSP sites in accordance with the mechanism.  The departments concerned (e.g. LandsD, HD, etc.) will take follow-up actions as appropriate in accordance with the recommendations.

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